Cheez-It Chicken

I saw this recipe on Vintage Victuals and knew I had to try it- which was a little odd because I am not the biggest fan of Cheez-Its. Sometimes I encounter a problem when I bake a breaded or coated chicken because it won't come out as crunchy as I would like. However, this recipe gave a nice crunchy chicken without having to use frying oil. I changed the recipe a little bit to suit what I had on hand and it was yummy and crunchy!

Cheez-It Chicken

2 chicken breasts

1/8 cup reduced-fat sour cream

1 cup Cheez-Its

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp cajun seasoning

1 tsp dried minced onion


Pre-heat over to 350 degrees. Place Cheez-Its into a ziploc baggie and crush. Add salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, onion, and garlic powders and shake. Pour Cheez-It mix onto a plate. Slather chicken breasts with sour cream and roll in the Cheez-It mixture until coated. Lightly grease a baking pan with PAM and place chicken in the pan. I added a small amount of cracked black pepper to the top of the chicken and placed it into the oven for 35 minutes. I served our chicken with stove top potatoes, lightly seasoned and fried with a little olive oil, and green beans. Enjoy!

Serves 2