Resturant Review: Marty's Boston Crab

I have been going to Marty's for a few years with my parents and occasionally my sister (she isn't crazy about seafood). My parents, Ron, and I felt like venturing out for fish last Friday and decided Marty's. Our favorite thing to get the evening started is a glass of wine

And half a dozen Blue Point Oysters from the raw bar (one was snatched before i could get my camera ready...sneaky).

I love the taste of Blue Points. Sometimes i find certain types of oysters to be too salty for my taste, but Blue Points never disappoint me.

On Friday nights Marty's always has a variety of specials and tonight happened to be crab specials. Yum! To start we ordered the Blue Crab Dip with tortilla chips. The dip is one of my favorite things on the menu; the comforting creamy mixture of pepper jack cheese, spinach and crab followed by the crunch of the salty chips is delicious.

For our main courses my Dad ordered the special Crab Pie. The pie was rich and creamy with a light touch of sherry and butter and the crab was light and tender.

Ron ordered the Pan Fried Walleye. Walleye is probably one of our favorite types of fish and this did not disappoint. The fish had a great crunch and was garnished with a big fat lemon for a nice citrus taste.
I ordered Stuffed Flounder. The flounder was stuffed with a scallop stuffing and served over asparagus and a risotto cake with a creamy lemon sauce. Yum. This is a new addition to the menu and I hoping that it will be there to stay for awhile :-)

My Mom ordered Crab Cakes and salad, but they went missing before my camera could capture them. :)

Dinner was great, and if you are the Green Bay area i recommend giving Marty's a try- it's worth it.

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