Christmas Treats, Part Five (Last But Not Least): Dulce De Leche

This is one of my favorite things to make to give to friends during the holiday. This is a rich creamy caramel sauce that is positively addictive. My friend texted me to tell me she couldn't stop eating it. I assure you this is not a problem. it is a problem when it is gone- very sad. This is another example of "kitchen deceptions". This is the easiest thing to make- ever. There is one ingredient- well 3 if you count the pot and water... Make this and your friends will love you even more than they already do. I like to add a little spoonful on the of my apple pie- or even better- off a spoon directly out of the jar. Enjoy!
4 cans sweetened condensed milk
Large Pot
Six 8 oz wide mouth jars with lids

Remove labels from cans and place in the large pot. Cover cans with water (about 3 inches over the cans). Simmer for an hour and flip cans. Simmer for an additional forty five minutes. It is important not to let the cans simmer over two hours. They might explode then, and no one wants that. Remove cans from water and allow them to cool. When cans are cool the touch they can be opened. Spoon dulce de leche into jars and cover with lids.

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