My Friend Brittanie's Awesome Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is my favorite buffalo chicken dip ever.  My friend Brittanie makes this for get togethers, and it is awesome! I made this to send with Ron for his cribbage tournament (mainly so my sister in-law could have some because I love her).  On our most recent girls weekend, Brit made this and it was so good I think we gobbled it down in one sitting. It is so cheesy you literally get a long string with every chip you dip. We were obsessed.  I believe it was uttered on multiple occasions that it was the best dip ever.  Brit heats this in the microwave and stirs the dip (about every thirty seconds) until it is hot. You could also put this in the crockpot, but be careful  not to heat it too long at too high a temp because the cheesiness will not be at peak, and it probably won't last that long anyways! A perfect treat for a cookout, tailgate....well really any type of party... or you can make it for yourself and not share at all!

1 large can of swanson white meat chicken, shredded with a fork.
12 oz cream cheese
1/3 cup hooters mild wing sauce (I used hot because I love spicy)
1/4 cup ranch
2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Mix cream cheese, wing sauce, and ranch till smooth.  Gently stir in chicken. Add cheese and mix well. Heat in microwave until melted and hot (I suggest stirring every 30 seconds).  Like I said before, you can put this in the crockpot, but make sure to keep it low so the cheese stays nice and stringy.

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