Weekly Meal Plan 3/26 - 4/1

Happy Monday! I am so excited because tonight I am finally going to see Hunger Games with Emily. After this I will stop talking about I in every blog post (until the next one comes out). This week we are off to Indiana for my cousin Erik's wedding. Erik is partner in crime for out holiday meals, and I am sure he and Lauren pick out a great spread for us. One thing I am really hoping to do in Indianapolis is go to their children's museum. I use to go all the time as a child and loved it. The museum is beautiful and HUGE! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Here is what's on tap:

Monday: Pimento Cheeseburgers,  Baked Beans & Cottage Cheese With Fruit and then to the HUNGER GAMES!!! Yay!!
Tuesday: Anthony Bourdain's Roti de Porc Au Lait , Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans
Wednesday: Out for Volleyball
Thursday: Off to Indiana for my Cousin's wedding!
Friday: Congrats to Erik and Lauren! Ron and I will be feasting on rack of lamb and wedding cake!
Saturday: Hanging out with family and hopefully a trip to Sharpiro's for a corned beef on rye.
Sunday: TBD (Depends when we get home)