Weekly Meal Plan 1/28 - 2/3

Happy Monday!

We had a busy weekend. My cousins were in town from Chicago and we had a fun couple of evenings with them. Ron also had a cribbage tournament and a CP bowling fundraiser...whew....but, it was all fun stuff. 

This week I am starting volleyball! I am really excited to start doing more physical activities since Kellen arrived. I am also having an early birthday celebration with friends. A few of my friends and I have birthdays within a few days of each other and we have recently enjoyed celebrating as a big group.  It is also the first night Ron and I will be without Kellen. We are very lucky to have two sets of grandparents who love to see him because it allows us to have date nights and the occasional baby free night.  It feels like a big step to have him stay at his grandparents without us, but it is a very needed night out for both of us.

I also got bang this week..... I think that covers everything new.

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Tex-Mex Shrimp and Chorizo Risotto (for SRC) and Salad
Tuesday: Blue Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Wednesday: Tatertot Casserole and Leftover Green Beans
Thursday: Spicy Beef Tacos
Friday: Out for Dinner with my Parents
Saturday: Out for Dinner and a Birthday Celebration!
Sunday: Cheddar Beer Chicken Tacos and various apps for the Superbowl!

Treats: Lactation Cookies (per usual) and Applesctoch Cookies