Weekly Meal Plan 2/24 - 3/2

Happy Monday!

We had a busy and fun weekend at Blue Harbor with Ron's family.  It started off a little rocky with the room situation, but I think that it to be expected with people who never travel together. However, once that was straightened out everything was going great until Ron got sick.  Poor Ron was sick in bed all weekend!  We were both so bummed out because he had to miss out. I was also a little burned out from the weekend when four hands turned into two.  We are really hoping that we can try again when everyone is healthy!  On the positive side, the kids had a blast together and were so adorable in the water. 

This week we are laying pretty low, but I have a girls sushi night on Friday! I am really excited because we are trying a new (to me) place called Bonsai.  Ron is not a big fan of sushi so I look forward to when I get a chance to have some!

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Bacon Pieorogi Bake and Green Beans
Tuesday: Sausage and Mushroom Stroganoff Over Egg Noodles and Salad
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday:  Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches, Tatertots and Green Beans
Friday:  Out for Sushi with Girlfriends
Saturday: Crockpot Brisket with Bacon Horseradish Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower
Sunday:  Out for Broasted Chicken