Weekly Meal Plan 4/21- 4/27

Happy Monday! 

This weekend was busy but fun! 

On Friday, we laid low and watched Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. I forgot how much I love that movie. It is not my favorite Indiana Jones, that honor goes to Last Crusade, but it is still awesome.  On Saturday, I wanted to go to the egg hunt, but the weather was a little crappy.  However, we waited a few hours and were able to walk to the park for some fresh air.  Kellen loved the bridge and thought jumping to making it shake and bounce was the best. He also went down the slide, but wanted to make sure Mom and Dad were close.  I love that as he gets older his independence and confidence are growing.  At the park, he did not want us helping without him asking, but did not want us far out of reach....just in case.  Sunday was great fun for all of us because we got to hang out with out families for the holiday. The bunny also visited Kellen for the first time. He received a few chocolate covered graham crackers, jelly beans, bubbles and a few books. The kids are so cute together and I loved watching them run around.  At Ron's parents, his mom cooked a delicious meal and I helped my dad cook at my parents house..... delicious! I also added to the spread with Oreo truffle brownies and carrot cake cheesecake. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Cheeseburger Soup and Bread
Tuesday:  Garlic Butter Baked Salmon, Roasted Potatoes and Salad
Wednesday: Out for Volleyball
Thursday: Tater Tot Casserole and Green Beans
Friday:  Crabcake Sandwich, Potato Wedges and Green Beans
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Out for Thai