Weekly Meal Plan 7/28 - 8/3

Happy Monday! 

I seriously shouldn't even post a meal plan this week because we are going to be in Door County all week.  However, we are going to a few fun restaurants and I thought I would post them for you to take a peek at in case you are planning an adventure up there anytime soon. 

This weekend past weekend was really fun! My family was in town for the weekend for my cousin Shane's wedding and it was such a blast. We all got together at my parent's house on Friday night for pizza and Thai food (odd combo, but we were hungry for different things). Saturday was the wedding, and Sunday we went out for Pho before they headed back to Chicago. 

This week I full intend on relaxing and playing with Kellen. Vacation time is so precious to me and I can't wait to get to it! Have a great week! 

Here's what is on tap: 

Monday: Out w/ my friend Emily to Bleu
Tuesday: Door County- Grilling Chicken
Wednesday: Door County- Out to Parador or Whistling Swan
Thursday: Door County-Out to Nightingale 
Friday: Door County - Grilled Steaks
Saturday: Door County - Grilled Brats
Sunday: Tatertot Casserole and Green Beans