Bang Bang Chicken Skewers

Ron and I share a mutual love for all things Sriracha. I saw this recipe on Sarah and Caroline's respective blogs and it received rave reviews from both ladies. It has been on my list for awhile and I was waiting (odd as it sounds) for a nice fresh zucchini to throw on the grill along side my skewers. 

This recipe could not be easier to prepare and it was soooo yummy. I loved the flavors of the sweet and spicy paired with the smokey flavors from the grill. The addition of the fresh grilled veggies and warm cous cous are perfect alongside the chicken.  Ron, Kellen and I all enjoyed this recipe. The sauce it spicy, but we love a little kick (even little Kellen).  Kellen has been enjoying spice little by little. We never make him try anything, but his current favorites are a bit of spicy chili and spicy salsa. 

I can't wait to make this dish again while the zucchini and tomatoes are delicious and fresh from the garden. If you are looking for a delicious summer meal to enjoy on your deck give this meal a try because you will not be disappointed. 

Last night Ron and I went to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with dinner at Bleu and a volleyball game at the bar.  However, Bleu was closed for a private event- boo! We went to one of our favorite places, Plae Bistro.  We started with a few cocktails and bread with olive tapenade. I had a lavender lemonade and a glass of Chianti, and Ron had 2 glasses of Chianti. For an appetizer, we shared a delicious heirloom tomato and bacon flatbread,  I had red snapper with a blue crab beurre blanc with roasted potatoes and broccoli. Ron had a southwestern spice hanger steak with chimmichurri sauce and roasted potatoes.  Did didn't spring for dessert and opted for a beer at our volleyball game (which we won- wooo!). 


1- 1 1/4 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size chunks
1 (or 2 small/medium) large zucchini, cut into chunks
1 pint grape tomatoes
Olive oil, a few tablespoons for drizzling 
Salt and pepper, to taste 
1/2 cup mayo 
1/2 cup Thai sweet chili sauce 
2 teaspoons Sriracha sauce

Bamboo Skewers

Cous Cous to serve on the side


Soak wooden skewers for 30 minutes before using. 

Thread the chicken, zucchini and tomatoes onto separate skewers. Drizzle the chicken and veggies with oil, then season with salt and pepper. 

Whisk together the mayonnaise, Thai sweet chili sauce, and sriracha sauce, pour a small amount into a bowl to brush on the chicken and set aside the remainder.

Pre-heat your grill or grill pan to medium-high heat. Add the skewers. Cook the veggies for 6-8 minutes, or until tender, and the chicken 10-12 minutes.  In the last 2 minutes of cooking, brush the chicken skewers with the sauce.  

Remove the skewers from the grill and let rest 1-2. Serve chicken and vegetables with cous cous and a side on the sauce. 

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