Weekly Meal Plan 8/4- 8/10

Happy Monday!

Last week I was at our cottage in Door County with my family and friends relaxing and enjoying time together.  We had a busy week that started on Tuesday evening when Kellen and I drove up together to meet my mom. Ron stayed behind until Thursday to finish school and work.  We started our evening with a wine and pasta at an Italian restaurant in downtown Sturgeon Bay called Del Santo. I love their spaghetti and was pleased to find that Kellen did as well. He has been on a big pasta kick lately. 

Photo: I asked Kellen what he wanted for dinner and he said pasta... I couldn't believe how much he loved it!

On Wednesday, I met my friend Melissa for lunch at Sonny's Pizza and we brought Kellen raspberry picking for the first time. I think he ate more than we picked, but it was a blast.
 We also took a trip to an old favorite, The Farm. If you have children this is a must. It is a beautiful living museum and fantastic experience for kids.  

Later in the evening we went to dinner at one of my favorite places, Parador in Egg Harbor.  Parador has tapas and fantastic sangria. The service is wonderful and the servers are always very knowledgeable on the menu and the drinks.  Kellen tried the tomato and goat cheese appetizer and Spanish mac and cheese is Serrano ham and peas. I am happy to report that he loved them both- especially the goat cheese!

Ron and my nephew joined us on Thursday and we took a trip to the Door County Fair. My nephew was 5 and loved the games and rides. Kellen was a bit small for most of the rides, but loved looking at the animals and eating a giant dill pickle. My mom and nephew left in the evening after a steak dinner at the Nightingale. The Nightingale has updated their menu over the past few years and has the most delicious smoked white fishcakes with a roasted red pepper sauce.  I also tried the crab and asparagus soup (Kellen shared with me as well) and it was very good. 

On Friday, we lazed around and played games with Kellen before Ron's parents came for a visit. We had lunch at one of my favorite places, Peninsula Pub.  I love their food and they have a fun laid back night life. I had a bacon bloody mary and a Missy Burger. My burger had pepper jack cheese, tequila infused sweet peppers and onions, sauteed shrimp,  homemade Cajun ranch and a shot of house tequila on the side.  

We ended the day picking up some fresh local tart Door County cherries. I can't wait to make my cherry crisp this week!

On Saturday, our good friends came up for the day and we visited The Farm and PC Junction.  PC Junction is a fun place for kids with a train that brings your food, ice cream and a nice outdoor play area. We went back to our cottage and the kids were not in the mood to nap so we headed to the beach till dinner. Dinner was grilled brats and hit the spot. Our friends headed out a little while after dinner and Kellen crashed. 

The next morning it was time to pack up and go home *sniff*.  Vacations always go to fast, but we will be there next Sunday to play with our cousins. 

This week there are lots of fun things happening.  Tonight we are going to Feast with the Beasts at our local zoo.  The event is really fun and there are tons of food and drink vendors. On Tuesday, Ron's cousin and aunt are coming for dinner and a visit. Wednesday is our anniversary, Friday we are going out for Thai, Saturday is my childhood best friend's wedding and Sunday we are going to Door County....whew! 

I am excited.

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Feast with the Beast at NEW Zoo
Tuesday: Grilled Brats, Baked Beans, Cottage Cheese, Baked 3 Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Grilled Zucchini (and cherry crispy for dessert)
Wednesday: Happy Anniversary! We are going out to Bleu
Thursday:  Balsamic Brown Sugar Grilled Chicken, Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Corn on the Cob
Friday: Out for Thai with my Sister and Brother- in-law
Saturday: Nashkoro, WI for Loni and Kj's Wedding
Sunday: Door County for dinner with my cousins

Treats: Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread