Weekly Meal Plan 11/3 - 11/9

Happy Monday!

We had an amazing Halloween weekend. I was off on Friday and got to spend the day with my little goul. 

We started the day with mummy dogs for breakfast. Not my normal breakfast, but it is Halloween and I let the rules fly with the witch's brooms.  Kellen was a big fan and loved dipping them in mustard. 

After a bit of play time, we started the afternoon with lunch with my co-workers and them home for a nap. When Kellen woke up we said bye to Dad, and visited my co-workers for my office trick or treat. Kellen thought it was a lot of fun, but was pretty shy about uttering "trick or treat".  After visiting my office, we picked up Ron and headed to my mom's house to hit the streets with my sister and nephew.  Here is a look at my get-up as Rosie the Riveter. 

Once we went to  a few houses Kellen got the hang of trick or treat and loved saying it over and over and over...it was normally followed by "Happy Halloween!!". Precious. The weather was cold and blustery, but we bundled up and stayed out till dark. Kellen even wanted to "keep walking" when we got to Grandma's house at the end of the night.  We ended the night with a pasta casserole and veggies before heading home. Kellen hit his pillow hard and Ron and I watched a scary movie (28 Week Later) before calling it a night. 

The haul was big! We had an amazing Halloween!

On Saturday, we slept in before Ron headed to the lab. Kellen and I did some grocery shopping and a few chores around the house. We met my parents for dinner and Kellen discovered a LOVE of butternut squash soup. I ordered a cup, and got a bite or two before it was confiscated by my (almost...sniff) two year old.  On Sunday, we enjoyed another lazy day with an early morning (thanks you daylight savings time). I made a big breakfast for the boys and I. I was very happy because Kellen tried eggs for the first time after passing a few skin testing with no reaction. Kellen really like the eggs, but it is hard to compete with is all time favorite- bacon (of course).  Kellen and I did a little early Christmas shopping and played with Daddy in the yard while I worked on a few recipes. In the evening, I headed to dinner with my friend Amanda. She is in the final days of her State Assembly election and I am so proud of her.

This week we are pretty busy. We are knocking door for election day on Tuesday and attending parties in the evening to support our friends. On Wednesday, I am meeting my friend Heather for Indian, and I really excited to see her! This weekend we are headed to the Packer Bear game!!

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Grilled Orange Pesto Skirt Steak, Bone Broth Risotto and Salad
Tuesday: Election Night Party...possibly grabbing Pho quick while canvassing
Wednesday: Out for Indian
Thursday:  Chicken Curry Soup
Friday: Sushi with my Girlfriends
Saturday: Crockpot Dr Pepper BBQ Ribs and Corn
Sunday: Packer Game!