Weekly Meal Plan 1/26 - 2/1

Happy Monday (evening). 

I wish I had lots of fun weekend stories to share with you, but I don't. Poor Kellen was sick all weekend and I was home with him today too. He is on the mend and it was just a virus, but I feel so bad for the little guy. Like any parent, seeing the little one sick makes my heart heart.  

Sooooo..... this weekend I saw Plans and Turbo. I liked them more than Kellen I think. When we were in the Dells Ron won a stuffed Turbo from the claw machine and Kellen has been obsessed ever since. He usually runs around the house saying, " I am Turbo the racing snail", and when he learned there was a movie he has been asking to see it. It is funny because I don't think he has actually watched a movie before this weekend. We normally, don't let him watch much t.v. because, like his mother, and will get disgustingly sucked into the t.v. Naturally, I do not think to limit my t.v. intake....maybe I should heed my own advice....or maybe not because Walking Dead started in two weeks and Game of Thrones is around that corner (did I mention that he gets that from this mother???). 

I am hopeful that this week is sickness free because I have some cooking to do for an upcoming blog event. I will be posting details later this week, but it is similar the the tailgating challenge I did in the fall- it has an awesome prize package too! 

Sorry I don't have more at the moment, but it has been a bit of a busy weekend, and not the good busy! 

Here is to and good week and here is what is on tap:

Monday: Blood Orange Herb Glazed Salmon, Wild Rice and Roasted Cauliflower
Tuesday: Bacon Pieorogie Bake and Salad
Wednesday:  Spiced Fig Glazed Cornish Game Hens, Wild Rice and Roasted Broccoli
Thursday:  BBQ Chicken, Bacon Cheddar Risotto and Roasted Green Beans
Friday: Grilled Ribeye with Herb Blue Cheese Mustard Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus
Saturday: Out for Sushi & a Birthday Party
Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday! I am making Slowcooker French Onion Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Herb Crab Cakes with Citrus Pesto Aoli, BBQ Lil' Smokies, Retro Shrimp Dip, Pickle Wrap Dip and Slow cooker Spicy Chorizo and Cheese Dip