Weekly Meal Plan 1/5 -1/11

Happy Monday! 

Brrrr..... Wisconsin is currently, along with the majority of the country, having a cold snap! It is below zero today and I felt so guilty leaving the house to bring little Kellen to daycare this morning! I suppose that I shouldn't complain considering that it really has not been very cold this winter (so far). 

This weekend we laid low and had a lot of family time. Holidays are so busy and a low key weekend was great for us. Before it got cold we spent a little time outside playing in the snow. Kellen has a kids snow shovel and he loves to shovel the deck (I can only hope this will continue to his teenage years, but not keeping my hopes up!).  Kellen also developed a love of snowball  making...... I was his target. 

This is Kellen's "don't mess with me look":

My mom dropped off some Pho for us and we were in heaven because it is one of our favorite meals! Kellen loves Pho and has a process of how he eats it: bean sprouts and onion first, then noodles and then he drinks the broth. Kellen normally makes slurping noises mixed in with random "I loves soup" and "I love noodles" comments. 

On Sunday, we watched the playoff games and will be welcoming the Cowboys to the frozen tundra next Sunday.... it is going to be damn cold! Ron and I have also been getting into Mario Kart on our Wii again.... we go through stages with it. It gets very obsessive and competitive....you probably wouldn't think we were married listening to us yell at each other during a game! 

This week we do not have a lot on the scheduled, but are looking forward to a busy weekend! Friday is my work Holiday party and I am entering a dip in the dip contest! It will be a lot of fun. I really like my co-workers and getting together outside of work is always a good time.  On Saturday, it is my nieces 3rd birthday party! I am really excited because she are Kellen are just shy of a year a part and it is so cute to watch them play and enjoy each other. In the evening we might try to grab a movie (I have been wanting to see Fury and it is at our budget theater). Sunday is the Packer game and Green Bay will be a hopping place! After the game I am planning on grabbing Thai with a few of my girlfriends before calling it a night, and going home to kick Ron's ass is another game of Mario Kart on our Wii. 

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Creamy Balsamic Herb Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus
Tuesday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Peas
Wednesday: Chicken Bacon Ranch Tot Casserole and Green Beans
Thursday: Chicken Chesapeake, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli
Friday: Work Holiday Party
Saturday: My nieces birthday party/Out
Sunday: Packer Game (I am making Bacon Pesto Dip and Lil's Smokies), Out with the Girls & Lasagna Soup  for Kellen and Ron