Weekly Meal Plan 12/21 - 12/27

Happy Monday everyone! 

Christmas week is here! It is amazing how fast this time of year goes. Green Bay still doesn't have any snow and it has been a little harder getting into the spirit this year without a white Christmas, but the year has been good to us and it is hard not be unhappy about that! 

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family. There are about 25 of us total and with more little ones on the way we will have even more people next year! It is really fun to see the kids grown each year and develop their own relationships. 

On Friday, we met my cousins, aunt and parents for dinner and it was lots of fun. Afterwards I went to my parents house to make Swedish meatballs with my aunt and mom. As a kid, my Grandma always made a traditional Swedish meal for Christmas. That tradition has fallen by the wayside, but we decided to do meatballs with year with my great grandmother's recipe. They were very easy to make and it was a lot of fun for us to make them together. 

Saturday I was up early making truffles and stopping at my parents to prep a few things for dinner. Mid-afternoon Kellen had a birthday party with his best bud from school. It was so adorable to watch the little guys run and play outside of school! After the party, Ron dropped me at my parents house and they went home to get Kellen down for a nap. I cooked up a storm and got dinner on the table for 6:00 pm! I was proud of myself because I was worried on meeting my deadline, but it worked out great. The meatballs were fantastic! They reminded us all of childhood and I think will be coming back next year- plus it is so awesome to have one thing all done the night before. After dinner we opened gifts and the kids were so patient. They only asked to open about 4 times and, in my book, that is great for having them within arms reach most of the night! My cousins and I also exchange gifts and I received a Jurassic World Blue-Ray and Game of Thrones adult coloring book- does my family know me or what. Our family also does a white elephant exchange and that was fun and rowdy- per usual. I did miss my traditional Tom & Jerry, but it is something to look forward to next year! 

On Sunday, poor Ron had to work so Kellen and I headed to my parents house for the day. We also spent the day with my Dad because it is his birthday! We watched football and, while Kellen napped, the girls headed out for a nice relaxing pedicure. The Packer game was a win and that was great! Packers also secured a pay-off spot- Happy Birthday Dad! We ordered Indian take-out in the evening and then we headed home to relax and hang out with Ron. I think everyone in our house hit the hay pretty hard on Sunday night!

This week I am looking forward to a short week! However, I do not have a single gift wrapped and I know evening will be a bit of a scramble. This holiday, like we normally do, we are celebrating with my family and Ron's family and are excited to spend time together. I also saved the ham bone from Saturday's ham and am looking forward to making a big pot of bean soup for the game next Sunday!

Have a good week everyone!   

Monday: One Pot Chicken Feta Alfredo and Salad
Tuesday: Out for Pizza with Friends
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Ramaker Christmas: Steaks with Brandy Dijon Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Van Able's Green Beans
Friday: Creamy Egg Strata with Sausage and Cinnamon Rolls/ Lecker Christmas
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Bean and Ham Soup