Weekly Meal Plan 3/7 - 3/13

Oh my goodness..... 3 weeks till D-Day.  Well technically it could be shorter or longer.... you never know with babies. I carried Kellen to almost 43 weeks and I am hoping that this little guy does not like to be as long of a cooker as his big brother! 

This weekend we celebrated Ron's 40th birthday! On Friday, we met our families for dinner at one of our favorite places. Perch fry and birthday cake was on the menu, and it was delicious! We headed home after to relax before crashing for the night..... lots of excitement in our house these days. I had asked Ron if he wanted a party, but he ultimately decided that a evening with family, drinks and cake was perfect for him him to usher in a new decade. I also dropped off a few dozen doughnuts for to him at work for a special treat during the day. 

On Saturday, Kellen and I went out to run errands so Ron could sleep in since he worked on his actual birthday. Saturday was spent working around the house. We had a few new pieces of furniture on our want list before baby boy gets here and those were ordered and picked up. We both seem to be in nesting mode and have been cleaning and preparing the house for our new family member. After Kellen's nap, we dropped him off at my parents and we had an adults only dinner at one of our other favorite restaurants. We had intentions to go see and movie and meet up with friends, but dinner ran a bit late and we were both exhausted! Maybe those plans will happen after baby is here! 

On Sunday, we worked a little more around the house before I went to pick up Kellen. I grabbed pizza with my Mom and Dad before heading home for naps. Our neighbor also stopped over with our Scout Cookies and I think we have almost eaten them all already....oops... In the evening we grilled steak for enchiladas and did more work around the house. The baby's new chair will be here on Wednesday and once it it all together I will share a few snaps with you! I was trying to find a few old ones from Kellen's room, but I must not have posted them! Kellen's room pretty much looked exactly the same and I liked the bright colors so much we just updated it for the baby and added a new chair since Kellen wanted to bring his to his new room. 

This week we have swim and I am getting raffle and bag suffers together for the Belly to Baby Expo. Many of you probably remember me talking about the expo in September. My friend/doula Emily puts on the expo and I lend a hand with the giveaway bags and raffle prizes. The expo is on Saturday and I am really hoping to sneak in a pedicure on Sunday for a little relaxation! I am also going to the salon on Wednesday for a hair cut before baby boy gets here- in the first couple weeks of new baby-hood it is nice to feel good about yourself in what ever way you can because it is such a whirlwind! 

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Darn Good Roast, Mashed Potatoes and Corn
Tuesday: Grilled Steak, Grilled Asparagus and Loaded Cauliflower Casserole
Wednesday: Skillet Rice and Beans with Kielbasa and Peas
Thursday: Lemon Butter Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Friday: Grilled Brats, Baked Beans and Pasta Salad
Saturday: Out for Dinner
Sunday:  Crockpot Swedish Meatballs, Egg Noodles and Peas