Weekly Meal Plan 6/27 - 7/3

Good evening friends! 

Check back tomorrow on details for a new giveaway/ recipe roundup for #cookoutweek! 

This weekend was so nice and relaxing. I was off work on Friday and had a great time spending time with my boys. Ron went golfing in the evening and we finished off the night by ordering subs, playing outside and relaxing with a movie.  Look at these sweet faces:

On Saturday, Kellen and I headed up to Door County with my friends Emily and Kayla for a trip to The Farm and beach time. Rowan stayed home with Ron for a little 1:1 with his Dad. Ron was in school when Kellen was born and had a lot more time with him and I think he misses being able to spend large portions of his day with the kids as much as their mother does! The Farm was fantastic, as usual, and the kids loved feeding and playing with the animals. My mom also met us to join the fun! I was my normal non-dorky self and practically face-planted after tripping over a small hole.... thankfully everyone was there to laugh...er...make sure I was ok... I literally laid on the ground face down laughing before I could get back on my feet. I aim to entertain. After The Farm we headed to Culver's for lunch and then to the beach! The water was cool, but not freezing and the sand was warm.... it was a perfect afternoon with friends. 

We finished off the evening with pizza before the kids went to bed. Ron and I finally got to watch the movie Everest...I can't remember the last time we actually watched a movie and weren't sleeping 10 minutes in! 

We were awoken with a start early Sunday morning when the warning sirens and weather alerts were going off with tornado warnings! We woke the boys and headed to the basement. Thankfully, everything was fine. Rowan nursed back to sleep in about 10 minutes, but Kellen was afraid of the storm that was brewing away outside his window so he crawled into bed to snuggle his mom. Ron stayed awake the remainder of the evening and was  little too nervous to go to bed. Needless to say- we had some tired people today (besides Rowan and the cats). We relaxed most of the day and finished up grocery shopping for the week. Target had a sale on pools and sporting goods today and I scored a good sized pool (my criteria was that I wanted to sit in it with Kellen!) and a slip and slide for Kellen for under $30! I also grabbed a new umbrella for our patio set- I can't wait to get outside this week! Tonight we grilled burgers and I worked on a few recipes for #CookOutWeek starting tomorrow. 

This week we have a few fun things going on! I am taking a PureBarre class tomorrow and am looking forward to that. On Wednesday I am having a backyard day with the boys and heading to Bay Beach with co-workers in the evening and Thursday we are attending a brat fry fundraiser for our State Senator. After this week is over we will be in July....how is the summer moving so fast!? 

Here is what is on tap this week:

Monday: Grilled Italian Marinated Pork Chops, Parmesan Tomato Basil Orzo, and Grilled Asparagus
Tuesday: Dan Dan Noodles and Egg Rolls
Wednesday: Subs at Bay Beach
Thursday: Brat Fry Fundraiser
Friday: Thai Red Curry Risotto with Grilled Shrimp
Saturday: Door County
Sunday: Door County