Weekly Meal Plan 7/25 - 7/31


I am so sorry that I have been so behind posting meal plans because I know how much you like them! Summer has been busy and we have had a few busy weekends and blogging fell by the wayside a bit. I look at my past blogging history and it seems that there are little dips during the summer months. Normally, I like to blog in the evening after the kids are in bed, but with pumping and getting everything prepped for the next day I get a little burned out by the time 10 o'clock rolls around, and many times want to spend a little time watching a show or chatting with Ron.  However, I am trying to get better about it and that may mean a meal plan mid-week on  a Wednesday!  I also have a few weekend chats drafted and need to make a few finishing touches, but hopefully they will be up this weekend- it is discussing my favorite baby products in the first few months! 

So what has been new at our house? I guess nothing brand new, but I have been doing Pure Barre 3-4 times a week for the past month. You guys I am becoming an addict. I really really like it and look forward to my upcoming classes. I have always enjoyed working out because I enjoy the challenge and goal oriented nature of exercise, but with 2 little kids finding the time is hard. I made a commitment to Pure Barre and am loving the classes. I normally attend with a friend and enjoy a weekend coffee date after class as well. The staff is amazing, kind, and patient. I always feel welcome and comfortable when I am there. The workout is very challenging. I am noticing differences in my body and ability to do certain moves after my first month and love that I found this workout! 

Other than Barre over the past few weeks there have been a few fun happenings! Ron and I had our first date night since Rowan was born and went out to enjoy Restaurant week. I also got to meet my girlfriends for Restaurant week as well. I love getting to go and try different dished and support area restaurants! 

Kellen started a new school and is enjoying their summer program. Kellen was previously in a daycare and we really liked it there but were wanting to try a different structure. We have a few friends that attend Royal Montessori and love it. We decided to check it out and I really liked the curriculum and the leaning structure. The summer program had themed weeks and I felt it was a good way for Kellen to get use to a new school before the school year began. Kellen also has a a few little friends in his class. Kellen is really enjoying the program so far and we are really happy with the school. 

This week I am doing a few Barre Classes, we are celebrating my friend Emily and her baby with a little surprise on Saturday, and we are taking Kellen to his first "Packer game" (and first tailgate!) for the Family Night event. This week is not all fun. Tonight I am attending a memorial and "clinking of glasses" for my dear friend's mother who passed away last Thursday.  We grew up together and her mother was like a second mom to me. My entire family is heartbroken and we want to be there for her daughter in any way that we possibly can. Tonight we will be filled with wonderful stories, wine, and a few tears I am sure. She was an exceptional woman. 

We are still cooking a lot at our house and I have a bunch of yumminess in my drafts to share! 

Here is what is on tap this week:

Monday: Grilled Tomato Basil Chicken, Rice and Salad
Tuesday:  One Pot  Taco Orzo and Salad
Wednesday: Bacon Pierogie Bake and Peas
Thursday: One Pot Cheesy Meatball and Tortellini, Garlic Bread and Salad
Friday: Leftovers with the Boys....Ron is golfing
Saturday: Out with the Girls/ Subs for Boys
Sunday: Packer Family Night! Tailgating!