Weekly Meal Plan 10/10 - 10/16

I am back after a little break! Like I have said before, adjusting to another baby is no joke! I am six months in and am still trying to get my feet under me, and Rowan is a very easy baby!  I am going to try and be better about my meal planning posts because I miss sharing our life happenings with all of you! I am still meal planning each week, but many times never get it written up and have a bunch sitting in my draft folder waiting to be shared with all of you!

My kids are growing like weeds and I still marvel at how fast everything happens. I love watching them develop but am sad it goes so fast. I even make Ron pack up Rowan's baby clothes because it makes me too sad to see them get tucked away. Thankfully, he is very sweet and takes care of it all for me. 

We are in October and it is my favorite month!  I love all of the different outdoor fall activities and love that I can be outside without it being hot and sweaty.  For far we  have had a few fun fall adventures to start the season! We have the boys Halloween costumes picked out and have even made a trip to the pumpkin patch. 

This past Saturday, I had Pure Barre class (still so in love with this) and then we headed to Delzer's Pumpkin Patch with a few friends and it was so fun. We rode on a haunted hay ride, went into a haunted grainery, the kids rode a train, ate some yummy snacks and picked out a bunch of pumpkins. I wasn't sure how Kellen would handle to spooky stuff, but he loved it and even tried his hand at scaring the monsters back. Rowan and Ron stayed home because it was a little cold and he is already just getting over a runny nose and cough. After the pumpkin patch, we relaxed at home and then grabbed pizza before relaxing at home. 

On Sunday, I went to barre again and had a Target/ coffee date & walk with my friend. I headed home after for a shower and got Kellen ready for Terror on the Fox Kids Day with my sister and nephew. This normally scary adults only Halloween attraction does a kid friendly afternoon. The haunted house is housed at the National Railroad Museum and you take a train ride to the house. In the house, all the lights are on, gore is covered up, and it is kids working (scaring).  As we walked the haunted house they kids would get a high five after someone jumped out, and it was fun.  At the end of the house Kellen had pushed to the front and was leading the pack. Kellen also told me that he wants to make his own haunted house in the backyard for his dad to go in- I love his creativity. 

Sunday night we watched the Packers win! We also watched the debate to watch Hillary. To me, Hillary Clinton was the clear winner and we are looking forward to voting for her in November. Donald Trump and his rhetoric are scary and he is certainly not someone I want as my president.

This week we are working on getting the house and yard in order. I have a few barre classes and this weekend we are attending the local Trick or Treat Trail in the morning and ZooBoo with my cousins in the evening. 

Have a great week everyone!

Here is what is on tap: 

Monday: Dan Dan Noodles and Egg Rolls
Tuesday: Creamy Taco Ranch Chicken Enchiladas, Rice and Beans
Wednesday: Subs
Thursday: Porcupine Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes and Peas
Friday: Pumpkin Chili
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Taco Bar for Packer Game