Weekly Meal Plan 10/17- 10/23

Happy Tuesday folks!

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day for me and I hadn't gotten my menu together for the week!

We had a very full and very fun weekend. I think I am still recovering- Ha.

On Saturday, I went to my morning barre class and then ran home to change and head to Bellevue's Trick or Treat Trail with my sister and friend Emily. The kids were absolutely adorable in their costumes (especially this little Spiderman!).

The trail was a blast and the kids loved getting sweet treats along the way. They also loved the bouncy house at the end! There was a little congestion in the middle of the trail and I wonder if, since you must register for the trail, time slots would work to reduce that problem. 

After the trail, we grabbed Noodles & Co and my sister and I ran to the store for chili supplies for dinner later that evening before heading home for naps.  Later in the day my cousin's arrived and we headed to the NEW Zoo for the annual ZooBoo Halloween event. It was so much fun and the kids loved it! We ended the night at my parents house with big bowls of chili. 

The following morning, my cousin joined me at my barre class! I think she liked it, but told me she was a bit sore the next day- it is a hard work out! 

My co-workers were having a tailgate before the game and I was planning to join, but the day got a little too crazy and I stayed at my parents house with the boys for the game and we all enjoyed a big taco bar to make up for the Packer loss (such a frustrating game). 

This week I have a few fun happenings. Last night I presented with my friend Amanda on women in politics to the local AAUW chapter.  Tonight, I am going to barre class and tomorrow it is our family pictures! Kellen has told me that he will be making a zombie smile. I asked him what a zombie smile is and he has informed me that he will not tell me and it is a surprise. Great. Just great...... I will report back on what it means to zombie smile later this week.... 

Have a great week everyone!

Monday: Subs
Tuesday:  Chicken Chili Chowder
Wednesday: Out for pizza after Family Photos
Thursday: Taco Bar for Packer Game
Friday: Grilled Steaks or Shrimp, Baked Potatoes and Asparagus
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Beef and Rice Casserole and Green Beans