Weekly Meal Plan 10/31/16 - 11/6

Happy.....er....Wednesday- better late than never! 

This past Monday we celebrated Halloween and it was so much fun. Kellen is finally to the age that he can enjoy trick or treating. It was so fun to see him run from house to house.  We have a few fun trick or treat traditions- mummy dogs (I made spiders this year!) and pizza. This year we had a house full of people and it made it a lot of fun.  My friend Emily and her daughter came with us, my sister and nephew and 4 women from Myanmar who are currently staying with my parents till election day to learn about the American political process. Full house!  By the end of the evening my Kellen's listening ears had fallen off and died somewhere in the bottom of his candy bag and I was happy to go home, get my pumpkins to bed, and relax with Ron. 

Here are a few snaps from our Halloween (Kellen would not stop for a photo, but he was Spiderman!):

Cutest pumpkin ever!

My sister and Emily being prehistoric!

3 years of Kellen's candy haul!

This week we are winding down from Halloween. I have a few barre classes scheduled and this weekend I am going a wine for mom & movies for kids evening with a few girlfriends. I am also planning to get to the party office to get a list of phone calls to make for GOTV. 

Have a great week!

Monday: Trick or Treat! Mummy Dogs and Pizza
Tuesday: Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, Rice and Peas
Wednesday: Subs
Thursday: Grilled Shrimp, Pesto Risotto with Tomatoes & Feta and Salad
Friday: Chicken Chili Chowder
Saturday: Mom and Kid Movie Night at a Friends- Pizza on the Menu!
Sunday: Packer Game! Taco Bar!