Weekly Meal Plan 1/9 - 1/15

Sunday night already?? The weekend goes too fast.....way to fast. 

I was off work on Friday to get ready for our family holiday celebration and to help my mom get redy for my cousins to come to town from Chicago. My cousin and his wife welcomes twins a few days after I had Rowan and it was their first meeting this weekend! 

Our celebration was so much fun. We did a casual taco bar and I made homemade margaritas. It was low maintenance and perfect because we were all so busy with all the kids!  The kids had a lot of fun and it is funny watching them adapt to playing together each year as they get older. I look forward to our family gathering every year, and can't wait to see everyone again. 

Tonight we are celebrating the Packer win and move to the next round of the play-offs! Next week they play in Dallas and we will wear our green and gold with pride! Go Pack Go!

This week is pretty mellow and we will have a final holiday celebration on Friday with my work holiday party! We are also celebrating a few birthday of cousins and hoping to get together for a pay date as well.....and of course I will be doing Pure Barre. We are setting goals in barre class for 2017 and my goals are 4 times per week, and doing the seat series with no breaks- so far so good.

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday:  Pesto, White Bean and Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup
Tuesday: Bacon Pieorogie Casserole and Peas
Wednesday: Out
Thursday: Chicken Tamale Casserole
Friday: Work Holiday Party
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Slow Cooker Smoked Sausage, Potato, and Leek Soup