Weekly Meal Plan 10/1 - 10/7

Happy Monday!

This weekend Ron and I were lucky to have a break from our boys and they had a visit with my in-laws on Saturday night. Ron and I attended one of my former co-worker's wedding. Sunday we got to sleep in (which is not that late for us because our bodies are now wired to get up super early) and I went to a barre class. After barre, and while Ron was still sleeping, I grabbed brunch with my sister and a few girlfriends. I had a few delicious mimosas and a smoked salmon eggs benedict with a salsa verde- so delicious.  I also ran a bunch of errands and we were ready to hang out with the boys when they finally got home. There was no Packer game this Sunday so we relaxed and home and I made a pot of lasagna soup. 

Today I got to go with Kellen and his class to the planetarium! Opportunities like this make me feel fortunate to be able to take a break, work on my license and spend a little more time with my kids. Tonight we had Rowan's swim class and popped over to Culver's for burgers and custard.  Boys are currently in bed and Ron and I are watching the news coverage from Las Vegas feeling tremendously saddened by what happened. It made me hug my boys and husband tighter tonight. 

This week I have my usual classes and tutoring. I also have a few exams this week so it will be full! We are also going to see a local theater production of Charlotte's Web on Friday- I think Kellen will love the show! 

This is also, hopefully, the last week of this 80 degree weather in October trash......

Have a great week everyone! 

Sunday: Lasagna Soup
Monday: Out for Culver's
Tuesday: Grilled BBQ Chicken and Smoked Sausage, Mac and Cheese, Salad and Peas
Wednesday: Old-Fashioned Beef Stew and Crusty Bread
Thursday: French Onion Chicken and Rice Casserole with Green Beans
Friday: Out
Saturday: Pizza