Weekly Meal Plan 5/6 - 5/13

Happy Sunday!

This has been a crazy three weeks for us! About 3 weeks ago we listed our house and it sold within 48 hours. It was pretty crazy. We had about 10 showing and 3 offers. It was an intense weekend! After accepting an offer we needed to find a house for our family! We got lucky and found a house about a half mile from our current house. We are feeling really grateful because we love the area we live in.  The house is over twice the size of our current one, but we are giving up our beautiful 360 foot yard. The yard at the new place is lovely (and has lilac trees!), but it hard to compete with the previous space, but we are excited about the square footage space because thing are tight around here! We are panning to update some flooring and resurface the cabinet, but the house is so lovely and we are thrilled.  Our closing date is June 1st for both properties so it has been a zoo getting everything in place! Thankfully, I think we have the major things in place and are feeling excited! We are staying with my parents for a few days before closing to get everything out and have the house professionally cleaned so it is nice for the new owners. We love our current house and are so excited to see another couple fall in love with the place.

This week and a bit into next is my finals for school and I also caught pink eye from one of the kids....the fun never ends. Yesterday I was able to make it to barre finally after steering clear to avoid giving this lovely look to anyone else. Yesterday I was able to sneak out for a pedicure after class, and then ran errands with Kellen. In the evening we made some tacos and my nephew came to play. Our yard is really muddy right now and several pant changes were required. Ron and I have been really into Criminal Minds and enjoyed a few episodes with a few homemade margaritas after the kids went to bed.  Today, we are headed to a farm with a friend to visit baby animals and then lunch. Later, I am planning to grab dinner with a friend and lots of finals prep in between!

This week we are grilling a lot because it is quick and the weather is great. We have a few sports nights- Soccer and T-Ball to look forward to as well! My sister is also graduating next weekend and we are excited to celebrate!

Next weekend I am announcing a really exciting giveaway and am looking forward to announcing it next Monday!

Sunday: Slowcooker Pork Tenderloin with Olives, Rice and Roasted Broccoli
Monday: Grilled Bacon Gouda Burgers with Dijon Aoli, Beans, Cottage Cheese and Fruit
Tuesday: Grilled Rosemary Ranch Chicken, Grilled Asparagus, and Grilled Potatoes
Wednesday: Subs before T-Ball
Thursday:  Cola BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, and Green Beans
Friday: Out for Fish
Saturday: Graduation Dinner For My Sister!
Sunday: Mother's Day - TBA