Weekly Meal Plan 4/13 - 4/19

Good evening! 

This weekend was so beautiful, the temperature reached 70 degrees and the sun was shinning. It is hard to ask for anything more! 

On Friday night, Ron, Kellen and I met our friends Amanda and David for pho and curry at one of our favorite Thai restaurants in the Appleton area. I know when I order pho Kellen will devour his portion and I usually need to ask for extra noodles when we are sharing. Tonight was no different than the norm, and the little guy ate noodles and broth like he had a hollow leg.  We headed to bed early because  Ron has to work a 12 hour shift on Saturday at 6:00- makes for a long day!  A quick side story from our ride home from daycare, Kellen has decided to quiz me. As we drove Kellen said to me, "mama say sky" and I said "sky", "mama say cloud" "cloud", "mama say alligator" "alligator". "Good job mama". I guess I passed the test. 

The next morning Ron was up before Kellen and I rolled out of bed (Kellen gets up at 5:30 so that is not saying much). Kellen and I got ready, picked up my sister and nephew and headed to The Big Event for Little Kids to meet our big and little friends. The Big Event is really wonderful and there are tons of hands on crafts and projects for the kids. Kellen was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and will probably enjoy it more when we is a little older. My nephew and my friends older daughter were the perfect age and loved all of the different activities.  My favorite area was filled with sensory tables with all different things little hands could explore. Another favorite was sitting in a real cement mixer!

Here are a few photos from our morning:

After the Big Event we went to grab burgers and a nap! I did a few things around the house before dropped Kellen at my in-laws house before grabbing Mexican take-out for Ron and I.  Since Ron and I had a free night we headed out for a little karaoke with our friend Emily. Emily is an awesome singer and killed her songs (Ron did great too!). I haven't sang in a long time and didn't get in the saddle tonight, but will next time around! We only stayed for a bit and were excited for a chance to sleep in because Mr. 5:30 AM was out of the house for the night!  

Sunday morning I ran to the grocery store and we headed to our friend to visit their new baby girl and bring them a meal. After our visit we stopped at the Rainbow Playground outlet to order Kellen's new play set with my mom. After,  we grabbed lunch and picked up Kellen from his grandparent's house. Kellen has such a wonderful time he didn't want to leave!  Once we got home we all relaxed and got our brats ready because my parents came for dinner. We spent a good portion of the evening outside enjoying the weather. Poor Kellen took his first digger of the season and scratched his poor little nose! Cuddles with mom always makes the bumps better!

This week we are getting ready for our trip and I have lots of laundry on my list. We are also going to take advantage of the nice weather and make sure that we get to the park. I also have a volleyball game later in the week that I am really looking forward to! 

Have a great week! 

Here is what is on tap: 

Monday: Slow Cooker Poor Man's Beef Stew, Salad and Rolls
Tuesday: Out with my In-Laws
Wednesday: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread and Salad
Thursday:  Junk Yard Special and Salad
Friday: Out to Culver's
Saturday: Florida!
Sunday: Florida!