I Love Paris

Like I said yesterday, in a few weeks I will be participating in a new blogging/giveaway events called #HotSummerEats.  One of the generous sponsors is Quirk Books. As I said yesterday, Quirk Books is a company based in Pennsylvania and publishes 25 titles per year.  As Quirk Books says, "every title is a labor of love" and some of the bloggers were fortunate enough to receive one of their publications. I received "Summer Cocktails" by Marta Del Mar Sacasa. 

Yesterday, I shared a recipe for a lavender infused white wine spritzer called, The Lazarus.  Today, I am sharing a twist on The Lazarus called, I Love Paris. The drink is very similar but uses Rosé wine. Rosé is a light pink wine (color coming from the red skinned grapes) that varies in sweetness from region to region. I prefer a dry wine, but you could use sweet if you prefer.  I really enjoyed this drink and it's cute name! I don't often drink Rosé, but I really liked the slight bubbles and light flavors. The flavors from the lavender syrup were delicious and the bubble from the wine and club soda were a delicious pair. 

Like I said, I loved the name of this drink and I had to serve it with my macaroon tea towel! When I was in Paris last May with my family one of my favorite stops was at Ladurée to get a box of macaroons. I remember there were tons of flavors and it was hard to choose just one! However, I am partial to the salted caramel, pistachio and lemon! I have a wonderful memory of Kellen inhaling a lemon macaroon and licking his chubby fingers before digging into the box to try and find more cookies! 

So, the moral of this story is: buy a box of macaroons, make this drink and pretend you are in the Tuileries Garden under a shady tree..... makes me wish I was back in Paris right now! 

(makes 1 drink)

1 oz lavender syrup
4 oz chilled Rosé wine
Splash of Chilled Club Soda


To make the syrup: 
In a small sauce pan whisk together 1 1/2 cup water and 1 cup sugar. Bring to a simmer and allow sugar to disolve. Add 1/4 cup dried culinary lavender. Remove from heat and allow lavender to soak for about 10 minutes. Strain and allow syrup to cool. Once cool, store in the fridge in an airtight container. 

Place syrup in a wine glass and add the Rosé wine. Top with a splash of club soda and enjoy!

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