Weekly Meal Plan 8/3 - 8/9

Man am I running late this week! Welcome to meal plan......Wednesday? 

This past weekend was busy and fun, and I am off this week and we have been on the go! 

This past weekend we were on Door County because a few friends were up camping. We hung around the cottage, went cherry picking, had a delicious brunch and enjoyed a bonfire with s'mores. We also made a trip to the Door County fair for rides, games and food! 

Cherry picking!

Kellen has been begging for a ride on the Ferris Wheel all summer and finally got his wish. He absolutely loved it! 

Kellen also tried to catch a prize at one the (expensive) games and won a stuffed shark!

S'mores and a fire on the beach in PJs are a perfect way to end the day. 

Sunday there was a hail storm and my Dad found creative ways to protect the cars. 

On Monday, we headed to Feast with the Beasts at the local zoo. It is one of my favorite things every year and the food was fantastic as usual. My favorite dish was tie between salmon cakes with jalapeno aoli and pheasant chili. In the end my vote went to the pheasant chili- so delicious! 

On Tuesday, we were up early and piled into the car with my sister and nephew to head to Chicago to go to the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum.  The aquarium was so neat and Kellen loved the shark area. 

However, when I let him pick out a favorite animal in the gift shop he went right for the Beluga Whale. The Whales were rubbing against the glass as they swam by us in their exhibit and the kids loved it!

Out last stop was to see Sue at the Field Museum. I visited years ago and it was neat to see it again. Kellen was thrilled to see a real dino and insisted that he had a photo with Sue. We also stopped to see the Lions of Tsavo. 

Our ride home was uneventful and we crashed after we walked in the door. Kellen slept till 9:00 the following morning and I had to wake him for swim class! Kellen normally goes to class with my mom, but since I am on vacation I tagged along to watch the class. It was so fun to see how confident he is getting in the water!  In the evening we met our friends at the park and even the big kids had fun!

Tonight, I have volleyball and will look forward to climbing into bed after the game! I am beat!

This week I am enjoying time off, meeting friends for lunch and celebrating my anniversary with Ron tomorrow night while Kellen has a night with his grandparents. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Here is what was/is on tap:

Monday: Feast with the Beasts at the NEW Zoo
Tuesday: Chicago with my Sister to the Shed Aquarium with kiddos
Wednesday: Summer Vegetable Lasagna with Italian Sausage 
Thursday: Out to Plae Bistro for Anniversary
Friday: Grill out with our family- I am bringing a cucumber caprese salad 
SaturdayWedding in Milwaukee
Sunday: Brunch at Wolf Peach/ T-Blat Wraps for Dinner