Weekly Meal Plan 11/2- 11/8 & A Special Announcement!

Good evening! 

I am watching the Packer game as I type this and hope that our game turns around a little more.....this is killing me! 

This weekend was so much fun and Halloween was a blast (as usual).  On Friday, I met my parents for dinner. Ron didn't join us because he was working second shift all week. I tried to wait up for him, but fell asleep watching Halloween and woke up right when Michael Myers is breaking into the close. That wakes a person up quickly! 

On Saturday, I headed to the store early to grab stuff for chili and to get some of the bigger stuff out of the way because I planned to take Kellen to the trick-or-treat at the grocery store. I like going because they have lots of goodies from the bakery, fresh fruit and milk & cookies. Kellen loves it! We had to make a quick run to the car because it was a very wet Halloween morning!  Kellen had an early nap, I worked on our chili and Ron got his Minion costume ready!  We go to my parent's house for trick-or-treat and it was lot of fun. We made mummy dogs while we waited for the rain to stop and once it ended it was a really nice evening and the kids hauled in lots of candy! 

Motion shot!


The haul!

The following morning Ron had to work at 6 am and Kellen was up at 4:30 AM....damn you daylight savings time...you saved me from sleeping...thank you....

Since we were up early, Kellen and I headed out for breakfast and to meet our friends at the Wildlife Sanctuary for some much needed free play time. 

Leading the pack!

Since is was pretty empty the deer came up to the kids and they got to feed them! 

After the sanctuary, we came home for naps and relaxation. I was going to do laundry, but opted to veg instead. For dinner, Ron, Kellen and I went out for chicken. The place we went had a little game room and there was a grab machine for little prizes. Kellen won a finger trap and was so confused by it when  I put it on his thumbs. When he couldn't get it off he turned into the hulk and ripped it apart. I think Ron and I almost fell off our chairs. His face turned all read and his teeth were gritted..... after he shredded it he calmly set it aside to go play more.... seriously.... so hysterical.  We got home in time for the game and put Kellen down so we could watch the game.... which is not going great right now.... Hopefully, when most of you read this the Packer will have turned it around...

Some of you who are Facebook friends with me already know, but we have a fun little announcement to share with all of you! 

We are expecting another little one late March/Early April!!!!

My exact due date is 3/29/2016, but I don't put too much stock into exact dates after my Kellen was 2 1/2 weeks "overdue" (he still takes his sweet time).  We are so excited about this little one and waited a little longer to announce it after having two losses earlier this year in January and April. I am finally at a point that I am feeling really good and confident- you might have noticed that my posts did a bit of a drop....thank you first trimester morning sickness. However, morning sickness was a blessing and a curse for me. I felt like crap, but it actually gave me comfort that levels were rising and baby was getting what it needed from my body. We are finding out the sex of Baby in just over a week at the 20 week anatomy scan, and I will do a fun reveal for all of you. Many people have said that they hope we have a girl (probably because we have a boy), but our focus it just healthy and happy after the way the year started. I honestly would be so happy about either sex for totally different reasons. However, this time we are going to find out with our family and not know before like last time- I think it is going to be really fun! 

I am just so excited that I couldn't wait any longer to share with all of you!

More on baby and life later.... time to watch the game!

Here is what is on tap:

Monday: Meatball and Rice One-Pot and Green Beans
Tuesday: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry and Eggs Rolls
Wednesday: Creamy Pappardelle with Leeks and Bacon and Salad
Thursday: Out with my Girlfriends and Crockpot Chicken and Stuffing  for the Boys
Friday: Out for Dinner
Saturday: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce and Garlic Bread
Sunday: Some Type of Pan Roasted Fish, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli

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