Roasted Garlic and Red Wine Butter #FreshTastyValentines

Welcome to #FreshTasyValentines!

This week I will be filling this space with fresh and tasty recipes- perfect to share with your valentine next week. Don't forget to check out the prize package below and enter! 

I introduced this event, sponsors and bloggers in my preview post and please click here to visit and learn more about our sponsors. Also, I want to thank Camilla of Culinary Adventure with Camilla. This lady has worked so hard to put this event together and deserves many rounds of applause- head over to her blog and show her some love!

So far, I have shared delicious a main course and a side dish highlighting our sponsor's donation. I wanted to share a frequently forgotten part of a meal- butter. Not just any butter, but a flavored butter. Flavored butters are great for enhancing dishes and adding touches of flavor. I love the use them on warm rolls, steaks and other meats, potatoes, green veggies....the list goes on and on. A few years ago, at one of my favorite places in town, I was served a red wine butter of the top of my steak and it was amazing. I love red wine and red meat together, but this butter put the steak over the top and it is still one of my favorite meals. I wanted to create a butter for this challenge because they are versatile and can be used in so many different ways. Plus, who won't get impressed if you are serving a roasted garlic and red wine butter? 

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi sent me a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Nior.  I am not drinking much these days (less than 2 months to go till baby boy is here!), but I love to cook with wine! For this recipe I  used the Pinot Noir to make a delicious butter. 

Casabella was generous enough to send me a Garlic Roaster and Clip 'n Strip Shears. The garlic roasted is designed oven and dishwasher safe and roasts the garlic with no mess to clean afterwards!  I love to roast garlic and this tool is a fantastic addition to my kitchen. I am always hesitant to buy specialty kitchen tools for fear it will take up too much space or I won't use it, but this is a tool I know will be frequently used in my household! 

I am so excited to share all of the recipes for #FreshTastyValentines! Also, check out the other bloggers on the hop below for more recipes!


1 stick salted butter, room temperature
2 1/2 Tbl Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir
1 large clove roasted garlic
1/4 tsp cracked black pepper


Add butter, wine, garlic and pepper to a food processor and pulse till smooth and evenly mixed. If you do not have a food processor a hand mixer will work. 

Serve whipped at room temperature, or roll in wax paper to make a log and store in the fridge till firm. Butter can also be frozen till ready to use.

To Roast the Garlic: I used my Casabella Garlic Roasted and it was fantastic. If you do not have one click here for an alternative roasting method.

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