Weekly Meal Plan 2/15 - 2/21

Monday is here already.... every week I go one about how fast the week went and this is not different! Plus, we had a really fun weekend and that makes starting the work week that much harder! 

Friday night, we headed out for fish and forgot it was the first Friday of Lent....crazy busy, but still delicious! 

Saturday morning I headed to the grocery store before heading home to get ready for my shower/blessingway. The theme was rainbow because this little guy is my rainbow baby and the calm after a bit of a storm getting to this point of growing our family. My sister did a beautiful job and the decor was lovely. Here are the lovely cupcakes and ceiling decorations she made! 

(love the sour candy rainbow!)

My sister also made puffy clouds with rainbow colored raindrops- it was gorgeous. We had a nacho bar and each of my friends wrote inspirational words on rocks for me. Words of love and support for labor. My friends and family also brought a bead to make a necklace. Each bead had a special meaning and I am going to bring it with me to use as a focal point during labor. My doula said a few beautiful words and it was so fun to visit with everyone. 

After the party I headed home to rest and in the evening my friend Kayla and I brought the kids to see Disney on Ice. Kellen loved it and enjoys a snow-cone all to himself! 

Sunday was Valentine's Day and my sweetheart surprised me with beautiful flowers and Kellen with a balloon. I bought Ron and Kellen some chocolates from our favorite candy store in town- yum! 

Kellen and his Valentine kitty:

In the evening, we dropped off Kellen at Ron's parents for an overnight and because daycare was closed today for in-service. Ron and I enjoyed the rest of the night with take-out Thai curry and West Wing- perfect Valentine's Day! I had to add that my husband scored major points when I walked upstairs to find him organizing Kellen's old clothes to get ready for baby.... that was an amazing gift all on it's own! 

This week we are not doing too much besides the usual swim, but we do have a pizza party on Thursday for a friend! I am also looking forward to trying a new cauliflower dish recommended by my Kayla for our grill out on Friday! The weather is supposed to be 40 degrees and what better way to celebrate than to grill?!

Have a great week!

Monday: Creamy Tomato Basil Risotto and Garlic Parmesan Roasted Shrimp
Tuesday:   Mexican Meatballs, Rice and Beans
Wednesday: Subs after Swim
Thursday: Out for Pizza for a Birthday
Friday: TBA
Saturday: Date Night!
Sunday: Grilled Steaks with Blue Cheese,  Loaded Cauliflower Casserole and Grilled Asparagus