Halloween Round-Up

It is almost Halloween and I decided to round up a few recipes from my blog to get into the spirit!  I hope everyone has a fun and spooky day tomorrow! I am off work to and going to enjoy the day with my sweet Kellen.  We are planning a little baking, a lunch with friends, napping/dinking around with my new lighting stuff, trick or treat, pizza and a kids Halloween party with friends. After Kellen goes to bed I will be watching Halloween movies and Ron will hide upstairs till it is over.  

Spaghetti with Oozy Eyeballs (Cheesy Stuffed Meatballs)

Mummy Calzone with Bloody Dipping Sauce

Spooky S'Mores Brownies


Stuffed Jack O'Lanterns 

Kiebasa and Potato Casserole "Worm Casserole"

BBQ Toes

Bloody Mary Steak

Monster Cookies

Brains Gratin (Cauliflower)

Gooey Goblin Dip (Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke)

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