Weekly Meal Plan 3/2 - 3/8

Is the weekend really over!? Say it isn't so..... Sunday is always bittersweet because I know that the work week is almost here and that means less time with my little family. I love my job, but it is so nice to be home with my family and visit with friends. 

On Friday night we made dinner and relaxed. We really did not do too much because Ron had to work on Saturday morning and was getting ready to go to Milwaukee to visit a friend. 

On Saturday morning I made french toast for Kellen and I, and had a little help from my sous chef (pants on the head are needed for true kitchen magic)!

Later, I met my friend Kayla and kids at Badger Bouncers. Badger Bouncers is essentially a big playland for kids with a bunch of the inflatable bouncy house.  Kellen was not sold on the bouncy house at first and was a littler nervous to go inside. There were some tears, but he eventually felt comfortable to jump all around with his friends. 

After bouncing, we headed out for burgers and custard at a local restaurant. The kids were thrilled that their meals came in cars! 

After lunch, I headed to Appleton to drop Kellen and Ron's parents for an overnight and he was thrilled to find his cousin was over for a visit and to play with him. I visited for a bit before heading home to get ready for dinner with my friend Amanda. We went to one of my favorite places- Plae Bistro and out for martinis.  We joked that we are becoming old ladies because the clock hit 11 and we started to turn into pumpkins! Amanda and I have been friends since working on a Congressional campaign and then House of Representatives together- the rest is history! 

On Sunday, I met my friend Kayla for brunch and then did a bit of shopping and recipe development/cooking before Ron and Kellen got home. I have a few fun recipes for Pi Day to share next week with all of you! Poor Kellen was a little tired when he got home and the evening was .... we will call it "challenging", but once dinner came things settled down and we all got to relax and play before bedtime. 

This week is busy, but we have lots of fun stuff on the agenda. A few dinners out, volleyball, weightlifting and Ron's birthday!  We are also picking up our new car this week- I am so excited! We are taking the plunge and getting a larger vehicle and have decided on a Chevy Traverse... I have driven a Civic and a Saturn and this will be a BIG, but welcome change. 

Have a great week!

Here is what is on tap:

Monday:  Out with my Parents
Tuesday: Slowcooker Chicken Noodle Soup and Rolls
Wednesday: Happy Birthday Ron! We are having dinner at Bleu
Thursday: White Chicken Chili (In the slowcooker)
Friday:  Junk Yard Special, Potato Wedges and Roasted Green Beans
Saturday: Out for Thai
Sunday: Salisbury Steak w/ Mushroom-Onion Gravy , Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes and Peas